Gerrybuilt Web Design

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Our prices range from £150 for a three page website (Home, About Us and Contact Us) up depending on your requirements. "Here at Gerrybuilt we undertake all kinds of web design. Mainly working for small companies and non-profit making organisations.

You can save yourself time and money if you can provide me with the text and an idea of how you want it to look. Send me links to sites that you like (of course we never copy someone else's site) because giving me an idea of the styles you like will help the process go much more smoothly."


Please contact me for details and a quote.

"We don't create websites just for businesses - if you need a website for whatever reason, contact us to see how we can help you."


We will work with you to help produce a structure for your website - this could be one page or multiple pages depending on the style of website you require. We can use logos, artwork and photographs supplied by you (we will advise on suitable file formats) or we can supply these for you.back


Your website will be created with a clean and fresh modern design that is appropriate to your business activity and the professional image you wish to project to your target audience.back

Standards and Compliance

Your website will be built to W3C web industry standards. We will construct a custom designed, easy to navigate and clean coded site that conforms to all current best practices.back

Design Concepts

We will provide a mock up creative concept for your home page and a sample content page. We will present these to you for review and feedback before proceeding to the development of the website itself.back

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Your website will be naturally optimised through the use of high quality coding techniques, appropriate structure of content, relevant page descriptions and other ethical techniques.back

Build and Test

Your new pre-publication website will be uploaded to a test server for your review before final publication. The website will be tested in Internet Explorer 7&8 plus the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. While I do test in Internet Explorer 6, the pages will not display in exactly the same manner as it is past its sell-by date. Microsoft no longer supports IE6 and advises everybody to upgrade due to security issues.back


An update, support and maintenance service for clients' web sites on either a contract or ad-hoc basis.back


As a rough guide the average price of a website designed by us would range from £150 for a 3 page brochure style site from our range of templates to between £500 and £800 for an additional 5 to 10 pages including a contact form. These prices would not include the design of graphics or photographs which can be supplied at extra cost. While these prices are fairly typical of sites designed by us, they must only be taken as a guide and a firm quote can be given on request. E-Commerce websites can be supplied from templates which we can help you to set up and manage.back

How it Works

  1. Contact me by phone or fill out my contact form.

  2. I will discuss your needs and send you a contract agreement and a quote according to your needs.

  3. If you accept, sign and return the included paperwork to me with 50% of the quoted price.

  4. I will design your prototype site for your approval.

  5. The testing site goes online and is created based on the approved prototype design.

  6. Once the testing site is complete and fulfills your expectations, the final 50% payment is due.

  7. Once final payment is received, your web site goes live for the world to see.